Get a Coober Pedy parkrun off the ground

Parkrun is for people who want to move. It's a phenomenon that's held right around the world. It's a free, timed 5km event that's all about getting people outside with others for a bit of exercise.

You don't have to be a fast runner. In fact, in recent years average parkrun times have got slower because more people are coming out and giving it a go. And then they're getting hooked!

Parkrun caters for the fast and slow, runners or walkers, the young, the old, and somewhere in between. Parents can push a pram, kids can toddle and dogs are welcome too.

Parkrun is a social event for people who enjoy getting outside with others, chatting, and catching up afterward for a coffee.

It also generates tourism, with people from all around the world planning their holidays to take in as many parkruns as possible. Parkrun tourism even has a Facebook page!

The walking track adjacent to the town oval is a ready-made track for a parkrun. A minimal amount of equipment is needed - a few cones and some flags and the timing is managed through a parkrun app.

But we do need volunteers to manage the event - at least 10 people who are motivated to see it succeed. Can you help?

Can you commit to volunteering for a parkrun on Saturday mornings for around 1.5 hrs, 5-10 times across the next 12 months? Over the winter months parkrun would start at 8am and across summer at 7am.

Let us know.

Call or send Mick a message on 0431 748 483 or email him on

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