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42.2km, 21.1km, 10km, 5km & kids' fun run
plus new 36km and 72km ride events

The Great Kanku‑Breakaways Marathon and Fun Run is held in the magnificent Kanku–Breakaways Conservation Park, 30kms north of Coober Pedy, in outback South Australia.
Coober Pedy and its surrounds are often described as moon-like, with the landscape dotted with shafts and mullock heaps from opal mining activities. 

Originally run from Coober Pedy to the Breakaways, the event began after a casual conversation between two local residents.

Known to locals as The Breakaways Bolt, or The Bolt, the event evolved into an annual fundraiser, raising money for local projects and worthy causes.

In 2018 the Ka
nku–Breakaways Co-management Board took over the running of the event as a way to promote the park, encourage visitors to see it from a different perspective and raise awareness of the cultural connection Aboriginal people have to the area.

The event is now held wholly in the conservation park, a registered Aboriginal heritage site. It winds through the spectacular coloured hills, along the dog fence and back to the lookouts.

Competitors may enter in 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km or 5km distances or as part of a 10km team event. Plus there's a special 2.5km fun run for kids under 12 years. 

New in 2022 are the ride distances of 36km and 72km for the extra challenge for competitors on bikes!

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Online entries for the 2022 event are now CLOSED.



To make this event successful we need help and support from volunteers at the start/finish hub, aid stations and for set-up activities.


If you'd like to part of the fun, please register below and we'll be back in touch.


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